Saturday, May 03, 2008


Most prints of this 1931 Universal classic clock in at just over seventy minutes and when looking at it one will be amazed at just how much ground they manage to cover in such a short amount of time. This is another where books and books have been written and all I can really say is that having seen this one easily over a hundred times in my life it still is capable of entertaining and captivating my attention. The scene where the Monster drowns the little Maria girl, played by Marilyn Harris who would also be used in THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, is still one of the most powerful from that era of horror and the Jack Pierce make-up concept for the Monster is still the standard by which all other versions are judged. Yes, it is hard to fathom how any of these films managed to scare anybody but like so many things they must be taken in their own context. FRANKENSTEIN is the film that made both Boris Karloff and James Whale stars and will always hold a dear spot in film lover's hearts forever.


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