Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Time After Time

Nicholas Meyer is a man who does his homework and has a great appreciation for the subjects he decides to tackle. Prior to this project he wrote one of the greatest non-A.C. Doyle Sherlock Holmes novels ever, this being THE SEVEN-PER-CENT SOLUTION which was adapted into an equally fine film. With TIME AFTER TIME, which marks his directorial debut we have H.G. Wells travelling through time to stop Jack the Ripper. With Malcolm McDowell and David Warner in the leads we are treated to a cinematic tour-de-force. Yes, there is the giant hole in the plot, this being why doesn't Wells simply go back in time and stop the Ripper before he comes to the future and the answer to this is it would be one fuck of a damn boring story if he did and the next person who comes to watch a film at my place who complains about such obvious plot devices will be shipped in their own time machine permanantly from my residence! Aside from the wonderful historical devices Meyer uses to propel his story are the stunning homages he pays to the classic sci-fi films of the 50's making this a true gem for true fans of the genre. A great love story with some genuine thrills be sure to look hard for Corey Feldman in his big screen debut and you might want to double bill this with Meyer's first Star Trek film THE WRATH OF KHAN.


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