Tuesday, April 22, 2008


HEAVY marks the directorial debut of James Mangold who would go on to have great success with the likes of GIRL, INTERRUPTED and WALK THE LINE though you would have never been able to tell from this work. It's not that HEAVY is a bad film, far from it, it's just that it is unlike anything else he would later do. Pruitt Taylor Vince is the real star of this film even though it's recently been heavily marketed for Liv Tyler and though she is a major part of it the story really does revolve around a "heavy" cook in a family diner and how he goes about dealing with changes in his life and making the ones he so desperately longs for. It's a slow and methodical pice of work much like the character Vince portrays. Tyler, in her second big screen role, is adequate but rather light weight for the part. She does have some great moments on screen with Debbie Harry though they tend to strecth the realm of believability as if Tyler were to tell Harry to "fuck off" you just know Debbie would lay the bitch slap down on her! Speaking of heavy, Shelly Winters has a small part as the mother and adds a nice flavor to the overall mix. A bit of a snoozer but moving if you give it the chance.


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