Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

I used to have many problems with this Kenneth Branagh production of this classic tale and most of them had to do with me finding his ego to be akin to that of Sting. Upon a recent reviewing I was surprised to find just what a faithful adaptation it truly is and Branagh, perhaps through "natural" talent does an exceptional job of portraying the egomaniacal insanity of Frankenstein. Helena Bonham Carter is a bit overdramatic for the role but I gather her and Ken were having quite a time during filming so we can excuse this. What I can't excuse is the casting of Robert De Niro as the creature. Even though a few years had passed he looks as though he just lumbered from the set of CAPE FEAR, had some make-up slapped on his face and then set about doing his work. I'm serious, there ain't enough latex in the world to cover that mug of his and you almost expect the creature to mumble "you talkin' to me" at any second. Still, it's far better than myself and many others have given it credit for and deserves a second look when one might feel so inclined if for nothing else but to see John Cleese play a straight role.


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