Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pushing Tin

John Cusack and Billy Bob Thronton star in this mismarketed comedy, a problem all to frequent in my mind. You see, the film simply is not funny, it's about an air traffic controller whose life comes undone thanks to an ill timed affair with Angelina Jolie's character. Sound familiar? Mike Newell, another one of those directors who honed his skill on that weird little show CORONATION STREET I keep hearing about, tries his damndest to keep this one together but the script just allows the whole thing to crash like a plane without a prop. There are two SUPER funny scenes involving an interesting CGI effect I'll leave unmentioned just in case you decide to sit through this one as it's the only laughs you're likely to get. For local folks it might be of interest to see the Hollywood boys try to pass Scarborough and Etobicoke of for the New Jersey suburbs which I reckon wasn't all that difficult and to see the incredible Cate Blanchett morph herself into yet another unrecognizable character.


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