Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lady Jane

Why let a pesky thing like history get in the way of a good love story or at least that would seem to be the credo of the scripters of this "historical" drama. At least they got the part about Lady Jane, who ruled as Queen of England for just over a week, having her head lopped off right! As for the great love affair with Guilford never happened. Fortunate for us in the film it does, making LADY JANE a big hit for the tweenies. With Helena Bonham Carter doing the second of her big screen corseted stints and Cary Elwes (who in real life is related to BOTH Jane and Guilford) along for the ride they manage to pout, and stomp and generally piss off the likes of Patrick Stewart, John Wood and Joss Ackland. It's a great piece of work with some wonderful depth of character....just don't let your kids use it to cheat on a history assignment.


Anonymous CJ said...

I don't remember even hearing about this one. Im curious...mmmmm? why do I have this need to watch and write a paper on it now...strange....

12:05 AM  

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