Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bedroom Eyes

Well now, I'd like to write something bad about this film but seeing as it is a Robert Lantos co-production and I don't want him sending somebody over to break my legs I won't! So, let us focus on the positives here shall we. Let's start with the hype on the box........
Never jog in strange neighborhoods.
Never look in open windows.
Never take candy from a redhead.

All good advice I would have to say. This offering from director William Fruet who also did SPASMS, tons of fantastic television work and co-wrote the truly Cnadian classic GOING DOWN THE ROAD comes off as a simple make work project. Leave it at that. The flik starts with our lead guy (in a powder blue jogging suit) running through dog shit. Need I write anymore.


Anonymous candyminx said...

I love the blurbs for the movie, never take candy froma redhead. Heh heh.

12:17 PM  

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