Saturday, January 27, 2007

Paper Soldiers

Like a book, any video or DVD showing up in my lab will be watched no matter how bad it looks, hence why I was sad to see this little ditty (no doubt purchased by my daughter who is in to all of that "hood" shit) on the top of my viewing pile. So imagine my surprise when being confronted with a fine little nugget of entertainment. Mind you, I could watch Stacey Dash sell doughnuts and still enjoy myself but what we have here is some of the finest cussing put to film since SCARFACE.
I'd almost go as far as to say I'd rent something else just to hear Kevin Hart curse, this guy strings the insults and F-bombs with the best of them and damn if I don't enjoy a good smack fest. Really odd too to see a tip of the hat to Clockwork Orange in a production like this. Jay-Z also happens to be in there somewhere as well but did I mention Stacey Dash is in it? Well worth the hour and a half if for nothing else but to see Hart command the Bond style car.


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