Friday, January 26, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth

I had to view this film twice to even begin to understand what I felt about it. The word masterpiece is well overused these days but when applied to Del Toro's latest offering it is bang on. Hard for me to write anything about it without ruining the magic so let me leave you with this, we are introduced to one of the most disturbing villians ever put on screen and it is a must see!


Anonymous candyminx said...

Hi sweetie...

Sorry I wasn't able to hook up with you...just too much stuff in one week I had to do, but I'll be in your neck of the wooods very very soon, and I'll take YOU out okay sweetie?

Oh my god, isn't this an incredible movie. Iw as a wreck and it has been a long time since I've seen such a fucking dictator in a film role...since Anon maybe in Schindlers List.

What assholes,,,I was sad all day,

except somehow I was so comforted by the fact that the girl really did get it right. The movie reminded me in many ways of Breaking The Waves.

I also found myself starting to enter the girl's world of hers...because I found that I needed to i found the movie very powerful by not being a childrens movie what so ever...yet...demanding this viewer me, and I am sure start to open their minds to her world and sights more and more To BELIEVE!

Of course a sa writer and artist this movies plays well...because so many of us enter our imagination as a way to forment and develope our ideas, world and recreate our world in our ouwn vision...

bBut I talk too much.

(by the sis and I posted the Dylan poem for personal reasons as you can gather rather than whether he was a hack r not...I find that poem very inspiring and apropo)

Much hugs and love!!!!!!

p.s. have you seen or heard of Dexter? AWESOME!!! A serial killer who killss serial killers great characters,s tory suspense humour, it's right up your alley!!! And did you read M Chabons' review the other day of The Road in NYT's excellent!

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