Saturday, January 27, 2007

Star Trek-The Motion Picture

Since Christian and I have procured a little piece of V'Ger, I felt a rewatch of this old "classic" was in order. Like many of the films I've been blogging about there is very little I can add to what is already out there. I will mention I always forget the title theme was reused for the Next Generation and it throws me off everytime I hear it in this context now.
I also failed to remember Isaac Asimov was the senior science consultant for this project and while slightly dated, the ideas presented in this film hold up remarkably well. One is tempted to ask if the merging of Voyager probe with the Machine Planet mechanism isn;t our first hint of the Borg. Now I'm very well aware some basement dweller will jump all over me for mentioning this as no doubt there are thousands of pages in some forum devoted to this very concept. I am quite proud to say I've not encountered them nor do I wish to. I would love to see a follow up story to the Collins/Khambatta morph someday though I trust it is unlikely or has already happened in a novel or comic. In my Trek universe, if it ain;t on the tv or in a film it hasn't happened!
I remeber skipping school to see the first showing of this when it first came out and while grossly unhappy with it then I was pleasantly surprised how enjoyable I find it today. One last note....while this copy I viewed was on video, one must check out the extras on the dvd.....a great scene which aired on television in the extended version shows Kirk in the jetpack leaving the the camera pans back the entire soundstage is fully visable. I've never been sure some editor didn't stick that in there on purpose just to give the geek squad something to howl about!
Live long and perspire!


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