Saturday, May 08, 2010

Beyond the City Limits (Rip it Off)

Looks like we have another money laundering nightmare of a flick here as this is one sloppy, jumbled mess of a film. Nastajja Kinski adds another clunker to her resume, Jennifer Esposito is wretched, Alyson Hannigan (with some funky eyebrow tats happening) wasted, fellow BUFFY/ANGEL alumni Alexis Denisof laughable as a Russian mobster with one of the worst accents I've EVER heard. Brian McCardie and Todd Field get some intentional laughs but in all honesty the most interesting aspect I found in this film was the fucking fish! At least we now know what happened to Roxanne Hart of HIGHLANDER fame who gets dragged into the amazing mess. Avoid at all costs!


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