Thursday, December 10, 2009

In the Line of Fire

Here is one of those films I didn't like back in the day and now find myself rather fond of. This marks the last film to date Clint Eastwood would star in and not direct though he did hand pick Wolfgang Petersen for the job. As a story it's fair, the acting is standard with slight elevation on John Malkovich's end and Rene Russo being her pretty self but in the end IN THE LINE OF FIRE is one of those Saturday afternoon hangover films you grow to love much like the LETHAL WEAPON or DIE HARD series. One scene in particular always strikes me here at it is when Eastwood and Russo are eating ice cream at the Lincoln Memorial. Something about seeing Clint do so with the little wooden stick thingy (what the hell are they called anyway?!?!?!) stands out as a genius bit of character building technique, subtle but in many ways more effective than more blatant tactics such as when Malkovich visits the bank teller. Another great score provided by Ennio Morricone and look for Tobin "Jigsaw" Bell in a minor role.


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