Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Exotic Time Machine

I don't know much about Felicia Sinclair. She has one writing credit and this as director in her IMDB profile and while this late night soft core bit of fluff is nothing special the lady at least seems able to make a flick. Some hotties in a space ship go romping through time to have some fun with the likes of Al Capone and Aladdin (did he exist?!?!?!) and Nikki Fritz as Marie Antoinette. Well known adult actress Gabriella Hall takes the lead if you want to call it that in what proves to be a rather funny film, intentional or not, with a bit of a story and a bit more going for it than, say, the RED SHOE DIARIES crap and such. Look for Taylor St. Clair and Franklin A. Vallette has a neat cameo.


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