Friday, June 19, 2009

Broken Flowers

At the best of times I have trouble recommending the work of Jim Jarmusch. There is a gritty hipster element to his work many average film viewers find less than satisfying an on this accord I fully understand. For my money I happen to enjoy his films though I will say BROKEN FLOWERS is even less filling than his other courses. Of course Bill Murray and the mainly female cast are fantastic with the stunning Alexis Dziena once again stealing the show. The concept is set up as such where the journey is certainly more important than the end which I gather is the whole point and it was a nice touch using Murray's real life son at the end of the film though not in a way many might have expected. When I make mention of the mostly female cast there isn't dead weight in the lot and oone scene in an airport terminal where everybody in the background just happen to be women is a stroke of genius. Not much more need be said here, like any Jarmusch film you will either like it or you won't, if you get it or not is of little import.