Friday, February 06, 2009

Batman: Gotham Knight

While many still continue to argue about who played the best Batman they often seem to forget about Kevin Conroy who has voiced the dark knight in more animated episodes and feature than anybody else to the point where he pretty much owns the character now. GOTHAM KNIGHT features several directors offering a piece of a larger story which makes this adult oriented offering a tad more interesting than the average fair. Also listen for the vocal talents of former CSI great Gary Dourdan and current NCSI doctor David McCallum. Even if "cartoons" aren't your thing, the opening segment is worth a look as an interesting take of the old "pass the dutchie" game as a group of kids give their account of a similar event from their individual perspective and unlike VANTAGE POINT it doesn't suck.


Blogger Candy Minx said...

I must see this, thanks for the review. I ...and boy am I a nerd...watched every episode of the tv animated "kids" show. When we watched "The Dark Knight" I realized as I was telling Stagg about some contextual and character back stories...oh my...I really am a Batman geek! I didn't even realize ha how much!

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