Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Bloody Valentine 3-D

Finally somebody got it right! It would have been easy to just sell this one on the REALD ( 3-D process but thank the powers that be director Patrick Lussier has been in the horror business long enough to know what he's doing. Granted he's usually in the editing suite but he showed great promise with DRACULA 2000 and with his latest he really delivers the goods. Hardcore fans of the 80's slasher films will not walk away disappointed and for once I felt I received more than my money's worth with this one. Enough sex and nudity to meet the necessary requirements, doesn't let the story drag between the pops and more than provides the splat in glorious 3-D! Great splat I might add and those who read me often know this is a common complaint of mine....I mean...why make a fucking splatter film and then don't bloody well show it! For fans of the original two key scenes are kept, the famous dryer one being slightly retooled. Much has been made of Jamie King but I'd have to say Betsy Rue takes the cake in the hotness department and you have to tip your hat to Selene Luna for her work which is totally over the top. Nice to see veterans Kevin Tighe and Tom Atkins here, Atkins getting one of the best head scratching laughs here due to some either sloppy or very rushed editing. Trust me, you'll notice. Just a bloody fantastic time this is and well worth dragging your lazy ass out to the movie house for!


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