Monday, November 03, 2008


This 1986 cult classic with Sean Connery and Christopher Lambert was responsible for a number of sequels and a long lived television series and I'm happy to say it holds up very well with time. This tale of the highlander immortal has no doubt been seen by all reading here so I can't imagine there is much to be said except perhaps the director's cut should be seen after the original version if at all possible. While said director's cut does fill in a few missing reference pieces I've always felt the original where Lambert is at the wrestling match, Fabulous Freebirds by the way, works better when we do not yet know he is immortaland the effect is ruined when we see the flashbacks to 1500's Scotland meshed with the current day. HIGHLANDER also stands out as Clancy Brown's greatest work and he shockingly well suited for the part as the evil Kurgan. Good sword slashing, head chopping fun to be had by all with this one.


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