Monday, October 27, 2008

Def-Con 4

I've always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with this film. The hate part is pretty simple....damn near all of my teenage friends were in the bloody thing and I wasn't! That aside, it's a smart piece of work considering the budget restrictions. Filmed back home in Nova Scotia DEF-CON 4 is another entry to the "end of the world" series and while offering nothing truly original it is an honest take on the subject and has a genuine feel to it overall. Maury Chaykin by far steals the film as a cranky old survivor and the late Tim Choate of BABYLON 5 fame brings some power to the film. Director Paul Donovan, still a heavy hitter with Salter Street Films (where the foam pick-axe from MY BLOODY VALENTINE is rumored to still hang and which Richard C. Slaughter and I have still not broken in to steal!), carried on from here to be a major part of the LEXX series and fans of this may wish to look up DEF-CON 4 for this reason alone. One last thing I should mention about this film.....the Harrington brothers weren't acting!


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