Monday, October 27, 2008


Looking for a nice little "feel good" film for the weekend? This ain't it! Darren Aronofsky has a penchant for making extremely dark films. He followed PI up with REQUIEM FOR A DREAM which could very well be the most depressing film ever made. He is now receiving critical praise for THE WRESTLER which is poised to put Mickey Rourke back on the A-list and is currently working on the remake of ROBOCOP. With PI, we are introduced to a mathematician played by Sean Gullette who is working with chaos theory to predict the stock market. Of course, the govenment comes looking for him as do a group of secular Jewish folks obsessed with the kabbalah and all the while the poor man is going insane under the weight of his own genius. Starkly shot in balck and white and edited in a truly neurotic style PI will disturb you on many levels. I would be tempted to say double feature it with A BEAUTIFUL MIND but this is not a feel good film at is however one excellent piece of work....just make sure you are in the right frame of spirit to watch it.


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