Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mad Max

By the time many of us in North America saw MAD MAX it had already begun to look dated which it is why it is surprising to see how well this film holds up as it comes up to the 30 year mark. Not only would this be the film to pretty much introduce Mel Gibson to the world it marks the first feature of director George Miller and if somebody back in 1979 had told me he would go on to makes the likes of LORENZO'S OIL, BABE or HAPPY FEET and would have though they were bloody insane. Though Miller says he was influenced by A BOY AND HIS DOG for this picture it is alarming to note just how similar in feel it is to DIRTY HARRY. Solid from start to finish and even the odd spots of overacting work here making this truly deserving of the status as a modern classic.


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