Friday, November 07, 2008

Event Horizon

Let's get this over with right away...EVENT HORIZON is not a good film......this however doesn't mean it isn't an enjoyable piece of work. In fact EVENT HORIZON is one hell of a fine little spookhouse ride if you just sit back and let it do it's job. Forget that it borrows heavily from SOLARIS and HELLRAISER, seeming at times as if somebody took the two films and mashed them together, forget the bad science and forget the horrid script, director Paul W.S. Anderson wanted to give us a haunted house in space and he pulled it off. Sam Neill once again manages to keep a straight face in this situation and Lawrence Fishburn looked like he was kind of prepping for THE MATRIX. Joely Richardson, Kathleen Quinlan and the entire cast do their very best to keep things believable and the fact the manage to do it is to be commended, A special mention must be made of Richard T. Jones. He is stuck with that dreadful part of comic relief but he is used sparingly enough and so properly he pretty much walks away as the most memorable character in the who film which is a rare occurance. There is some great splat here but again it is nothing we've not seen before, same for the big "boo" moments but there are worse ways to waste a couple fo hours and fans of both the horror and sci fi genre will walk away from this one content.


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