Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

Easily the best and certainly the most famous of Don Knotts' films, THE GHOST AND MR. CHICKEN may look and feel like it was released in 1966 but it still packs some fine laughs and even a few good chills. It is surprisingly complex in it's construction and execution and in my mind, as much as it is loved it is still underrated. While Don Knotts is at his very best it certainly doesn't hurt to have the talents of Dick Sargent, Robert Cornthwaite, Charles Lane and Miss November 1958, Joan Staley to work around. Alan Rafkin brought his years of television directing experience to good purpose here though it does at times come across as a made-for-TV production. Vic Mizzy provides a very recognizable score here and it works to perfection with the subject material at hand. Well worth digging up this Halloween season.


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