Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Birthday Girl

I grow fonder and fonder of Nicole Kidman's work with each new film of hers I see and even though BIRTHDAY GIRL was a 2001 release I was once again amazed by her performance. This one seems to have slipped under the radar as most people I know haven't heard of it let alone seen it and I must sya that is quite unfortunate. It's a simple tale on the surface, a lonely bank clerk, played by Ben Chaplin, decides to try his luck with a mail-order Russian bride (Kidman) and when her two cousins show up things really fuck up. It sure doesn't help when one of the said cousins happens to be Vincent Cassel of recent EASTERN PROMISES fame. Those literal minded tit-heads who love to rip plot devices to shreds will have problems with BIRTHDAY GIRL but if you leave your intellect out of the equation and let the film do it's job it turns out to be one beautiful, tense, horrific and ultimately sensual love story, one of the best I've seen in a long time, so much so I had to rewatch it at once. Why this film is so unknown remains a great mystery to me, kind of like dust bunnies.


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