Monday, April 28, 2008


MIMIC was the film which brough Guillermo del Toro to the attention of the masses and it certainly was a nice breakthrough vehicle for him. His take on the classic monster film, in this case a mutant form of cockroach, is far classier than you might think and this is mainly due to his knack for casting. Mira Sorvino is actually believable as the entomologist on the case for this happening and with the likes of F. Murray Abraham, Charles S. Dutton and Giancarlo Giannini floating around things are just bound to be intense. Shot here in Toronto, MIMIC makes use of our "lost subway" station located beneath the BAY/BLOOR stop. As far as I know it will be open during the DOORS OPEN festival coming up and is a neat little bit of our city's history. Oddly enough, the biggest flaw in MIMIC has to do with a subway scene in which a matted scene is poorly executed. Still, this one manages to not only entertain but deliver some genuine shocks and should not be overlooked.


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