Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Violets are Blue

Hhhhhhmmmmmm.....Sissy Spacek and Kevin Kline in a steamy eco-friendly romance with lots of sex scenes. What in bloody hell's name is this doing in my video collection you might ask. Well, check this action out! It's all about director Jack Fisk. Who he? He be the MAN IN THE PLANET in ERASERHEAD!!!!!!!!!
So you know I have to check out what this dude be up to and here are the goods. One hell of a sappy but moving love story with two of Hollywood's best working with a crew of film makers who know what the hell they are doing. The results are a surprise to say the least and the fact Spacek and Kline can generate any sexual heat whatsoever is a testament to that. It's worth noting great character actor Mike Starr has an interesting role here as well as a small town blue collar and he makes a great "straight" man for Kline to bounce some fine eco speaches off of. Strong direction, a fine script and superior acting make this one stand heads and shoulders above the pack.


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