Monday, August 13, 2007

Three on a Meathook

Not the best work to come from William Girdler but certainly the best title. This 1972 production sorely suffers from lack of funds and thank heavens what money they did have was spent of titties and splat. Seriously, with a title like THREE ON A MEATHOOK what would you expect. Not much else to say about the film itself but there is the matter of Linda Thompson. She would go on to not only marry Olympian Bruce Jenner (after dating frikkin' ELVIS and capturing the Miss Tennessee-Universe in 1972) but later David Foster and it is here where the real screaming begins. See, she co-wrote the I HAVE NOTHING with Foster. This, I believe but I'm not sure nor am I going to go and check because it really doesn't matter, is the song Whitney Houston sang in THE BODYGUARD. You remember THE BODYGUARD? The one where Kevin Costner has the worst fucking haircut ever seen on screen. I swear...the THREE STOOGES had better friggin' barbers! As I was saying, I think this is the song where Whitney does that "AAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE" thingy which damn near made me rip a few car radios out back in the day. So, what does the lovely Linda Thompson get for this achievement????? A BLOODY OSCAR NOMINATION FOR BEST ORIGINAL SONG and no doubt a boat load of cash in royalties! I really don't know if I should laugh or cry...still...good on her!
Girdler? He went on to make THE MANITOU and then was sadly killed in a helicopter crash in Manila.


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