Saturday, August 11, 2007

Valentine's Day (Protector)

From the son of Dorian Grey, sorry...I mean Dick Clark comes this mediocre crime mob picture. Duane also gave us that award winning sequel to HIGHLANDER but we'll forgive him, just like we will for this one, because of the superior work he's gone on to do in directing for the CSI franchise. Mario Van Peebles does his normal job of looking tough and cool while bagging the ladies and Randy Quaid kind of tags along for the ride. Rae Dawn Chong actually turns in a good show here as does Ben Gazzara. Truth be told, I can't be too hard on films like these. Sure, they reek of money laundering or tax shelter havens but they provide solid work for up-and-comers as well as an avenue for actors and techs alike to cut their chops and for this alone they should be applauded. Bringing ANY motion picture to fruition is one hell of an undertaking and we should never forget this! That be said, VALENTINE'S DAY is just fone for a late night viewing with lot's of ta-ta's, a bit of gratuitous sex and enough action the keep you from falling asleep.


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