Friday, August 10, 2007

The Insider

Well, you know you'll never see me write anything bad about a Michael Mann film and I'm not about to start here. Perhaps his greatest piece of work THE INSIDER is one serious film about serious issues. Based on the true story of the chemist who blew the whistle on what the big tobacco companies were up to this is a film for the thinker though it does manage to add some action elements as well. Russell Crowe is simply fabulous here and Al Pacino puts in one of best performances ever. Christopher Plummer does abrilliant job of portraying Mike Wallace and right across the board the acting is top notch. Timely for me as well as I plan to quit smoking this Monday! Ultimately though this is a film about truth and the very real costs of it and as an example of this concept you will be hard pressed to find a better examination.


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