Friday, July 13, 2007

City Slickers

On the surface this looks to be a simple formula comedy best suited for multiple viewings on TBS which is no doubt where most have seen it. Might I suggest you grab this one on DVD and make a concerted effort to give a proper look see because there are a lot of interesting things going on here. Yes, it is a film about life long buddies and midlife crisis yet this is only scracthing the surface. Beneath the high jinx and one-liners is what appears to be a very serious look at how we as humans and constantly searching for a higher meaning and purpose in this life and here is where Billy Crystal brings that special talent of his to full force. While ever the ham he always adds this level of pathos to his characters which allow them to transcend the norm and in CITY SLICKERS this becomes the lynch pin which all else revolves. On a sad note it's a shame this is the film most will remember the late Jack Palance from though I gather from interviews he was not as upset my the misjustice as say...Alec Guiness was about STAR WARS. Character actor Tracey Walter, who all have seen but few know except us die hard REPO MAN fans here, is probably quite happy with the memorable role he was granted here and as always is a treat to watch. Yeardley Smith of THE SIMPSON'S fame is along for the ride as it SUPER GIRL herself Helen Slater by what I find super interesting is this happens to be the debut film of Jake Gyllenhall who would of course become quite famous as a silver screen coyboy himself years later. All in all, this is a hats off to director Ron Underwood who truly delivers a pleasant yet eye opening piece of work here.


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