Sunday, July 08, 2007


Time has not been kind to this early Eighties bit of nonsense. Based on a Robert Sheckley novel (which I've not read) the premise is simple...people die in the now...dead people in the future snatch them and use them for themselves. When one gets away they are known as a this case Emilio Estevez sporting some fine feathered hair of the period. The bad guy here would be one Anthony Hopkins dialing in his performance from who knows where who send his henchman, who would be Mick Jagger, to get said freejack. Now, I'm of the mind Jagger can act but you sure as hell wouldn't know it from this "performance". It honestly looks as though he nipped in to Keith Richards' stash and decided to stroll out for a game of laser tag. Just the same, it's some mindless fun and if you were around back it 1982 you may enjoy it just to see how they envisioned the quickly approaching 2009. Rene Russo is here as are cameos from Jerry Hall, Amanda Plummer and David Johansen and if a quick fix of sci-fi schlock is your order of the day this will certainly fit the bill! Be sure to check out the high tech range rovers they're using...seems as everybody in the Beach has one these days!


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