Saturday, July 25, 2009


There are cases where sometimes a still from a movie is more famous than the actual film and GORGO is one of them. The classic image of the giant claw coming out of the water alongside some fishermen in a boat is one monster lovers grew up with in Ackerman's famous magazine and we howled to stay up the odd time it would appear on late night television. GORGO is unique in this genre as being set in London so we get to see the famous Big Ben taken out. Oddly enough the "monster" was found off the coast of Ireland but I think the joke may well have been lost on the production crew. Great line has the fair barker at the Gorgo exibit saying "what's that Mam, looks like your husband? Go in and find out". SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER Also unique is the fact Gorgo is just a baby and the real fun doesn't start until Momma Gorgo hits the scene. Yes, you could call it an English Godzilla and oddly enough a variation on the mother theme was used in the recent American GODZILLA but the bottom line is GORGO is good clean fun.


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