Friday, July 03, 2009

Queen Kong

Imagine if Benny Hill had done a remake of the 1933 version of KING KONG and you would be thinking in the right direction as to how QUEEN KONG comes off. Watching it many years after it was prevented from theatrical release due to legal issues one has to wonder why they bothered to make this. Funny yes but it came of as an extended episode of THE GOODIES who oddly enough did a great skit once called KITTEN KONG which they should have somehow included on this DVD. As it is, most of the women in QUEEN KONG showed up on said GOODIES and Benny Hill at one time or another and our lead man Ray Fay was played by Robin Askwith who recently showed up on that obscure British soap CORONATION STREET which don't forget airs almost a couple years late here across the pond. Worth a glance for fans of English humor or Kong lovers but otherwise missable.


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