Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Education of Charlie Banks

OK. I'll admit it....I was more than prepared to get a serious hate on for this film. Other than their odd bit of wrestling rated work I've never been a big fan of LIMP BIZKIT and Fred Durst's arrogant and ongoing feud with my man Trent Reznor certainly doesn't help. So when I hear Durst is going to direct a film all I can think is "fuck me, not every rocker can pull a Rob Zombie and make a decent picture" so I was ready for a vanity project to burn my eyes and the mass media reviews pretty much confimed my feelings.
Damn, was I ever wrong and when will I stop listening to mass media critics.
For starters, rather than go for a horror or rock film he chose to execute a rather complex coming of age tale and either through good people around him, skill or simple luck out together a superb cast to pull it off. By no stretch Oscar material but a hell of a lot better than much of the shit being pumped out of Hollywood these days. Jesse Eisenberg and Jason Ritter are excellent in their respective roles and easily carry this project to a satisfying conclusion. I greatly look forward to seeing more of them in the future and if Durst continues to deliver films of this calibre you can count me in.


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