Monday, June 29, 2009

Demoni (Demons)

While this Lamberto Bava splatter fest is up there on my TOP 100 list I would be with guilty conscience if I were to recommend it to the layman. What little bit of plot there is merely sets the stage for a cast of the most dreaded stereotypes possibly to ever hit the screen, Bobby Rhodes as Tony the Pimp being the best of them all, to end up in a theatre where the title demons have their way! It has long been said an uncut version of this one would be released in North America, if so I've yet to come across it but one can only imagine the amount of gore there would be as it looks as pretty much the entire budget was spent on effects. While what I've written may give you the impression DEMONI is a bad film I should clearly point out it isn't. It just happens to be made in the Italian style of which the Bava family has made famous, that being the story is not always of import as long as the scares keep coming. Unlike THE EVIL DEAD I'm not too sure this would scare anybody anymore but it sure as shit will entertain the splat-heads and is alone worth watching to see Nicoletta Elmi.


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