Friday, June 26, 2009

Hear No Evil

Robert Greenwald is mostly known for his television and documentary work with drama standouts being XANADU and THE BURNING BED and his recent doc concerning WAL-MART is a must see. With HEAR NO EVIL we've seen everything before, or, in this case heard it. Deaf girl instead of blind one gets mixed up in a situation which has a bad cop instead of a run of the mill crook looking for a rare and valuable coin instead of not so rare but valuable drugs and a whole bunch of shit happens which was far more exciting in the previous films we've seen of this ilk. Marlee Matlin is fair in her role with D.B. Sweeney as the boyfriend and Martin Sheen doing what he does when he decides to fax in a performance. Interesting score from Graeme Revell but not much else. Sometimes known as DANGER SIGN which would be an apt description of this toothless "thriller".