Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Reader

This one is certainly up there for my picks of best film for 2008 and I'm a bit mad at myself for not having blogged it sooner so I could say "I told you so" about Kate Winslet taking a Golden Globe for her work here. Sadly I have a gut feeling the Academy will overlook this gem entirely, To say this is a daring role for Winslet is an understatement and I will not discuss the plot here in the off chance you've not seen it and still haven't had the story spoiled for you. I will say this, you are not supposed to like Winslet here and you wont. Ralph Fiennes is used sparingly here but to great effect which leave the weight on male lead to be carried by David Kross who is superb here and I'm sure we'll be seeing more of him in the future. What makes THE READER truly special is the directing and when I first viewed it I kept thinking I have to see more of this man's work completely forgetting he had made THE HOURS and BILLY ELLIOT. Stephen Daldry is now in the process of making THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF KAVALIER & CLAY and if you've not read Michael Chabon's novel do so at once! Look for Lena Olin is an interesting dual role and play close attention to the score provided by Nico Muhly as it's one of the most haunting of 2008 and may garner the only Oscar nod.


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