Tuesday, January 13, 2009

End of the Line

This is the first time I've seen Maurice Devereux's work and if this, his fourth feature, is any indication of what's to come I greatly look forward to what he can accomplish when he actually gets a budget and some decent actors. END OF THE LINE is a unique take on the zombie/end of the world genre and does have an interesting script with some greats twists and fantastic concepts. The splat ain't to shabby either but the project falls just short of the mark due to lack lustre performances. The cast appears to be able to act...they just seem to be all more suited to the stage rather than the big screen. The major exception here Ilona Elkin who almost carries this flick and with some tighter editing may just very well have pulled it off. I actually remember when they were shooting this at the old sub-subway station here at Bay and Bloor and I'm kicking myself for not having gone and poked about on set. Horror fans will definately get a kick out of END OF THE LINE despite it's few misgivings and let us hope Devereux has better tools to work with on the next one as I imagine he'll make on hell of a name in horror circles.


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