Friday, December 05, 2008


Here is yet another of those you either love it or hate it type propositions and throw me in the "love it" camp. I was having a coversation with one of my cyber-geek buds the other day about this John Boorman film and he was frothing at the mouth with hatred towards it, then again his idea of a "real" science fiction film is STAR WARS so you can tell right now he doesn't know his head from his ass but this nails the problem with ZARDOZ smack dab right on the head. You have to use your brain to enjoy this one, it's not all there on a nice little McDonald's silver platter complete with a fucking Happy Meal Sean Connery action figure on the side. Yes, it can come off as being the product of a wild acid trip but this would have more to do with Boorman's styling and the 70's presentation. There is a linear story and it's nowhere near as convoluted as some would have you believe. Yes, Connery is running around in some pretty funky costumes, again probably more to do with budget restrictions than actual design concepts. Charlotte Rampling, sadly, does not run around in said funky costumes but certainly makes her presence known. Marks the big screen debut of Niall Buggy who seems to have notched out a living playing various priests over the years. For fans of LOGAN'S RUN, ZARDOZ will be dearly loved though I wouldn't double feature them...unless of course you have "special supplies".


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