Friday, December 05, 2008

The Brood

These days I am constantly surprised at just how dated the early films of David Cronenberg seem to me. Granted, THE BROOD is about to hit 30 (with a supposed remake in the works) but there are other films from the late 70's which seem to be more current in the visual department. Dating aside, THE BROOD holds up as a film due to Oliver Reed and Samantha Eggar, both overacting at times but it works with the story. The big finale with Eggar and Art Hindle still packs an emotional kick despite the limited special effects. Haunting score from Howard Shore in only his second big screen project and his first of many with Cronenberg. Nice touch bringing Felix Sila of Cousin Itt and Twiki fame as one of the creatures and as always it's great to look at, in this case a Toronto past, through Cronenberg's lens.


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