Sunday, April 13, 2008


Considering the talent involved one would expect much more from this uneven piece of fluff. Yet another film dealing with the whole mid-life crisis issue, this time being done in the form of Jack Nicholson being bitten by a wolf and doing the whole lycanthropic thing. That this would have been directed by Mike Nichols who recently had hits with CLOSER and CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR not to mention his classics THE GRADUATE and CATCH 22 only makes one scratch their head even more. It just never manages to find it's footing. James Spader tries to help but is wasted as are Christopher Plummer and David Hyde Pierce and even Michelle Pfeiffer can't save this flea bitten mess. It works a bit better if you think of it as an off-beat homage to the Roger Corman films where Nicholson cut his acting chops but, truth be told, this beast should be taken out to the woodshed and put down.


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