Friday, April 11, 2008

True Lies

For all of the work James Cameron has done this remains my all-time favorite. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis simply light up the screen in this, yet another moral tale of mid-life crisis. Oh sure, there are terrorists and lots of explosions and of course Bill Paxton as the slimebal used-car salesman con artist posing as a spy to get into Jamie Lee's pant suit (can you blame him!) but when it comes down to it the story is about a house wife who is frustrated with what her life has become. What makes TRUE LIES such a great piece of work is the script which Cameron wrote himself and I'd say it's his best work. Tight, smart and very funny..this is one solidly fun film suitable for the whole family!


Anonymous CJ said...

Have to LOVE the scene in the hotel room...that is what fantacies are made of....this was a keeper for me a lot a great moments....

1:11 AM  

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