Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Stepford Wives

This 1975 satirical horror classic never quite gets the respect it deserves in my eyes, eyes by the way being a central theme in this societal up yours penned by the late Ira Levin and adapted by the great William Goldman for the screen. It's a dated piece of film work for sure but this remains one of it's precious charms. Looking at the plastic nature of consumer society one can easily liken THE STEPFORD WIVES as being a mutant offspring of the LEAVE IT TO BEAVER generation. It takes it's time to build it's scares and while most of the are of a psychological nature they still pack a mighty wollop if one allows them to. Katharine Ross shines in her role as the wife who doesn't seem to quite fit into the wive's circle of Stepford and this film also happens to be the big screen introductions of Dee Wallace and Mary Stuart Masterson. A slowburner, no contest, but a far cry better than the remake which was a true horror show!


Anonymous CJ said...

Oh you are soooo right...the remake of The Stepford Wives was a nightmare. I remember hearing about the original, I was too young to go to it. Soooo when the remake came along I thought well I will go see I haven't the words to discribe the remake. Though I am willing to watch the original with more respect, because of your ackowledgment. thks

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