Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Quiet American

I'd love to say this was a nice adaptation of the Graham Greene novel but truth be told I've never read it! What THE QUIET AMERICAN is, however, is one mighty taut little slice of history wrapped in a sour romance and brutal politics. Set in Vietnam just before the French withdrawal the story revolves around a journalist from London and his love for a local and his unknowing involvment with both the budding CIA and the rebel forces. Michael Caine rightfully deserved his Best Actor Oscar nomination for this one and while not his best career showing it is certainly one you won't forget soon. Brendan Fraser more than carries his own with his dramatic counterpart but his character is so slimey you simply cannot like the guy. Though uneven in pacing, director Phillip Noyce does provide nice atmosphere and wonderful visuals and were it not for some scripting problems and continuity gaffes I think this easily would have taken a Best Picture nod from the Academy as well. Brace yourself for an ending you won't forget anytime soon.


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