Thursday, August 16, 2007

Midnight Express

I have a lot of Turkish friends and the understandably have a serious problem with this Alan Parker film. As a matter of fact, somebody involved with this project, I can't quite remember who, recently went and apologized to some big cheese in Turkey for the damage this film did to said country's reputation around the world. So, let us put aside the Turkey fact, and let us also put aside the fact it turn out this "true story" wasn't and look at the film itself. By far it is one of Parker's best, and the performances of John Hurt and the late Brad Smith as the drug smuggling Billy Hayes (also deceased) is mesmerizing to say the least. Another great late actor, Paul Smith is truly stunning as one of the head prison guards and even Randy Quaid turns in some top notch work as well. Giorgio Moroder took an Oscar for his score as did Oliver Stone for his script work. Still, the laurels really should go to Parker who brings this hell to amazing life and I can certainly tell you this is one film that will stick with you long after you watch it.


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