Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Straight Story

While some would argue in favor of THE ELEPHANT MAN as being Lynch's best and most accessible piece of work I'd have to put my shoulder behind THE STRAIGHT STORY. This somewhat fantastic depitction of the true events surrounding a man's cross state journey via lawnmower to see his estranged brother is a touching one to begin with but when you throw the veteran talents of the late Richard Farnsworth under the direction of Lynch into the mix you have the makings of genius. Farnsworth, in is final and most certainly definitive role, more than deserved his Oscar nomination and much like what should and likely will happen with Heath Ledger this year the nod was not one of sympathy. Sissy Spacek commands amazing attention in what is only a small support role and the entire cast, as is often the case with a Lynch film, is meticulously thought out and placed. While Lynch plays this one "straight" as it were there are scenes, in particular the sequences involving the deer, which are abosolute showcases of his signature style. One to be watched uninterupted and bright eyed as the pacing is liable to knock you out if you happen to be bushed.


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I think this is a brilliant film.

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