Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Devils

Considered by many to be Ken Russell's definitive work THE DEVILS is one of those films you don't dare take lightly. Many film schools students have done their thesis on this adaptation of Aldous Huxley's THE DEVILS OF LOUDON so as is often the case I feel no need to go heavy on the details. Somewhat based on true events this is yet another swipe by Russell at the Catholic church and organzied religion in general, The RC's were so pissed about this the film was banned in many countries and lead stars Vanessa Redgrave and Oliver Reed threatened with imprisonment should they show up in Italy. As it is, the late Reed was of the mind this was his finest performance and from an acting standpoint I'm apt to agree with the great man though my heart still leans towards THE CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF. The sets and imagery here are truly mind numbing as is the content itself making THE DEVILS a great counter-ballance to the sentimental pap we will be feeding ourselves in the weeks ahead as we embark on celebrating the birth of a figure greatly misused over the ages.


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