Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Wings of the Dove

Iain Softley is yet another one of those directors who jumps all over the board. From HACKERS and BACKBEAT to K-PAX and SKELETON KEYyou just never know what to expect from him and THE WINGS OF THE DOVE is the oddest of them all. A straight forward adaptation of the Henry James novel this turn of the century story of love and loss and malicious poverty is one for the ages and it earned Helena Bonham Carter her only Oscar nomination to date. I thought she should have taken it for her portayal of the smouldering, brooding reserved Kate Croy and this is some of the finest work she has ever done. The entire cast works wonders with the sharp script and Softley`s directing style pulls off one of those rare effects where you almost feel you`ve been transported through time. A dark and depressing piece of work for sure but certainly required viewing.


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