Monday, August 20, 2007


A cottage industry has been made out of dealing with the statement "bad things happen to good people" and being in this film might very well have fallen under the category of a bad thing happening. The mere fact it STARS Stephen Baldwin AND Pete Postlethwaite should be enough to tip you off that something is very wrong. It's kind of along the lines of Don Knotts doing a sex scene with Jessica Alba in my books! Anyway, here we find Stephen playing an actor (a stretch for sure) who ends up on a primetime reenactment news show called CRIMETIME. When he is contacted by one of Britain's most wanted (enter Pete who should have bloody well run away!) the fun begins as the real deal teaches the wanna be the tricks of the trade. How such a poor piece of drivel could have came from the acclaimed director of THE VANISHING is beyond me. The fact Sadie Frost, Karen Black AND Marianne Faithfull have to dragged into the quagmire is execusable. Bad things happening to good people indeed...kind of like what might happen to me if Baldwin reads this!


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