Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Cube This Pumpkin Face!

I am happy to report, the pumpkin who violated me is about to go under the scalpel and let me assure you...there will be pulp..oh yes...there will be pulp. Seeds too! Just discovered the seeds are far better slow fried in olive oil with some BBQ spice than the traditional baked method. Had a fantastic time at the set of "Diary of the Dead" over the weekend and will have a full report in the next 48 for ya.

To hold you over, check out this link to my friend Angela's blog:


I hope that works. The old Ludite here tried to post a shot of Romero and I this weekend, and I ended up linking to some foreign porno site featuring electricity and zucchinis. Anyway, check out the Greyhound gal's slides of the Atlanta zombie walk. Great ghoulish fun.

Now, if you will excuse me I have a pumpkin to get meadival on!

A bloody Halloween to you all!


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