Friday, August 17, 2007


Bad science, good fun! FREQUENCY tells the story of a different type of father/son relationship. Here's the bad science part...the northern lights cause a ham radio set to bridge the difference of thirty years time allowing a father to speak to his son in the future. Needless to say, the change a few "bad" events and screw the pooch but regal. Here's the good fun.....FREQUENCY is one of the most thrilling heart warming projects to come down the pipeline in ages. Shot mostly in Toronto, this was another flick I was fortunate to spend some time on set for. Director Gregory Hoblit uses lessers names to carry his vision and the results are perfect for had he casted Hollywood A-Listers the effect would be nowhere the same. Dennis Quaid truly shines here as the elder Sullivan with James Caviezel playing the son with equal gusto and finesse. Andre Braugher, Shawn Doyle and Elizabeth Mitchell provide a solid framework behind them to make this a total thrill. We have cops and firemen, and a murderer and baseball...four key elements for a feel good film in my book. Sure, there are holes in the plot bigger than the Mets's a clean gaff and anybody walking away from this one debating the science deserves a smack upside the head. Amazingly enough this was scripted by Newline exec and big cheese Toby Emmerich and I whole heartedly salute him. If I ever came up with a work half as entertaining I would die a happy man, alas in Toby's case he has done just that AND no doubt made a few billion to boot. In all seriousness though...this is one you don't want to miss.


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